Taiwan Museum Association, ROC (EN)

About the Taiwan Museum Association, ROC (TMA)

Taiwan Museum Association, ROC (TMA) is a professional organisation founded on 22 July 1990. Our membership consists of supporters and enthusiasts who are concerned with the development of museums in Taiwan. We aim to facilitate professional development for our members and to provide a platform for collaborations and academic exchanges between museums in Taiwan and the world. We have conducted research projects investigating core issues in museum development, hosted international conferences, and actively promoted the operation of professional committees. Our long-term commitment to the professional development in the museum sector in Taiwan has been widely recognised by both our domestic and international colleagues.

We have over 115 institutional members and 320 individual members. With the guidance of our 28 board members, we work to advocate professional collaborations and encourage communications among the museum community. We bring together public and private museum institutions, research centres, university departments, and international museum organisations. We build up professional networks between museums in Taiwan and abroad, with the aim to increase the visibility and influence of Taiwanese museums in the international realm.

We sincerely welcome you to join us on this journey exploring the professional development of museums in Taiwan.


➤ The 14th Board and Supervisory Committee


Chronology of Major Events


➤ Publications

《博物館簡訊》The Newsletter of Taiwan Museum Association

《博物館與文化》Journal of Museum and Culture

《悠遊台灣博物館》Enjoying Taiwan’s Museums